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I watch a lot of Sky Sports News. It’s a staple ‘go to’ channel when you can’t find anything on the thousand or so other stations and you’ve drained your Hollyoaks surplus on SkyPlus. Just flick on and hook yourself up to a steady saline drip of sporting updates. The comely mob of presenters will regurgitate info for you like a mother cuckoo to an expectant nest of chicks. You’ll end up with transfer gossip coming out of your nostrils and vomiting up a league table or two.

So I was intrigued when I found out that Setanta had launched their own rolling news channel as part of their burgeoning sports coverage.

And like so much on Setanta, it’s very similar to Sky Sports. Just slightly worse.

Maybe the cunning creatives at Setanta HQ hit upon a formula: make it look the same as Sky Sports, but make it look different. At the same time.

So the clever little buggers decided to mirror image the graphic set-up on Sky: the info box is on the left! It’s the same but different. A brave new world of rolling sports news. Or not. It actually looks a like poorly-formatted PowerPoint presentation.


Setanta Sports News: It's Rubbish

They also realised that nothing says ‘up-to-minute sports journalism’ than employing a gaggle of harassed-looking operatives mincing around in the background pointing at computers and pretending they’re plucking the latest scoops from around the sportsglobe. But I have a faint suspicion that on Setanta that it’s actually the cleaners in to scrub the coffee circles off the MDF work surfaces.

Final Score created the blueprint for the live sports updates.  Now orphaned by the death of Grandstand, Final Score survives on BBC1 and in the alien surroundings of the ‘red button’. It has lost it’s identity though, taking on the same graphical features as Sky Sports News. Complete with an unimaginitive info box on the right. At least Setanta tried.

I’d like to see Final Score go retro. It worked for Monster Munch. Get Gerald Sinstadt on the phone. Find Des. And someone search the BBC warehouse to dust off the old videprinter. Plug it in and make it burble and warble like a typewriter with guff issues.

It’s a better sound than Garth Crooks.


Written by harrisharrison

January 17, 2009 at 11:19 am

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