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More Questions Than Answers. For A Change.

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Ah. So it was an evil plot after all. Turns out that Sam Kay, the shambling presence on the left wing of the victorious Corpus Christi University Challenge team, was not all he said he was.

He was in fact an accountant masquerading as a student. Which is a pretty rum do if you ask me.The elders at the college hastily concocted some spurious story about Kay’s failure to get funding for a PhD forcing him to leave the university. But I’ve watched a lot of Morse so I know that more often than not there is something more sinister occuring behind the closed doors of these Oxford colleges.

It’s a plausible theory that Kay was merely a pawn in the machinations of the college: a whey-faced bean counter exploited for his boyish looks, forced to gel his hair up into an artful spike to reinforce the juvenile look.

I’m not sure of the extent of this subterfuge went and how much of a double-life Kay actually led.

But I like to think of him sneaking out of his two-bedroom detached house in leafy Surrey, leaving the wife and kids behind, and heading to the dreaming spires to immerse himself in the student culture. To hit the college bars, steal a traffic cone or two, sample a Pot Noodle, all the stereotypical studenty things: anything to perpetuate the myth.

His bosses at work will have asked questions: why the dark circles under the eyes? Why a sudden passion for Quincy MD? What’s with the faint smell of Snakebite and Black on the breath? It’s little wonder that it all unravelled on him.

And I want to know how wide the conspiracy was: and more importantly was Gail Trimble involved? I hinted in my last post that she may not be all that she seemed. Apparently she was unavailable for interview today – I suspect she may have already absconded. Halfway to South America probably.

Well it’s a good job she’s a whizz at answering questions. She may be hauled in to answer a few more.


Written by harrisharrison

March 2, 2009 at 11:54 pm

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