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So those pesky little Irish cricketers are up to their old tricks, brushing off the Bangladeshis and handing them their boarding passes to the flight back to Dhaka. I offer a cautious congratulation, if only because I remember what happened two years ago in the Caribbean: the wierd and grisly circumstances surrounding the death of Bob Woolmer following the Pakistani defeat to the Irish. Perhaps the Bangladeshi team doctor should maintain a wary vigil on coach Jamie Siddons this evening.

The continued participation of the Irish in the last World Cup had the same clogging effect on the tournament as hair does on a plughole. It was all very nice and hilarious when they upset the Pakistanis but when they became little more than net practice for the rest of the Super Eight watching them grew more than a little tedious. Even England beat them. Coincidentally the only side they did conquer in the latter stage was Bangladesh.

I probably shouldn’t fret and certainly shouldn’t be so uncharitable towards Ireland. The Twenty20 schedule is positively anorexic compared to the corpulence of the World Cup, which lasts for about three years. It feels like. So it should only be a week or so before we can bid a fond toodle-pip to the Irish and all those parvenu Irishmen who claim ancestry because they once went to Dublin on a stag weekend or bought the Joshua Tree on cassette. I can just about tolerate those Guinness hats and leprechaun beards on St. Patrick’s Day. I won’t be sharing a “point of the black stuff” with any of them. Bottom of the morning to you.

Brilliantly though, the Irish have survived the Australians, who got sent packing by Sri Lanka tonight. And because they’re hanging around for the Ashes, they don’t even get the opportunity to slink off sheepishly to the nearest airport. They’re spending the next two weeks sulking in Leicester, the prospect of which Ricky Ponting couldn’t hide his unenthusiasm for. Well now you have a little time on your hands Richard, maybe you could seize the chance to explore what Leicester has to offer. Here’s a link to the Leicester Tourist Board, in case you’re reading this. Which you are clearly not.

Better still, the Aussies should head westwards towards Ireland and pretend they’re Irish too. Then they’d know what winning feels like right now.


Written by harrisharrison

June 8, 2009 at 8:22 pm

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  1. Whats doing with those aussies. Has i time come where we no longer dominate cricket or is just that everbody is finally catching up

    Framed 4U

    June 9, 2009 at 4:22 am

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