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Spare A Thought For Shoaib

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There’s something that initially jars about England’s upcoming fixture with Warwickshire. It’s as if they have gone on tour in their own country. I know that holidays in the UK are very popular these days but this is a new one. I suppose that with international and domestic Twenty20 bashing first-class cricket out of the fixture list in the last month it is a sensible if unusual match-up.

With Pakistan currently canvassing to play their games on these shores, things could start to get pretty congested. Expect test matches at your local village ground any time soon.

One player who won’t be flying over to line up for the Pakistanis is Shoaib Akhtar. And while I was delighted to see his erstwhile team-mates conquer their early mediocrity to win the Twenty20, I couldn’t help shed a small tear for poor wretched Shoaib: sitting over there in Rawalpindi watching on television with an ice-pack on his genitalia. And to compound his sense of desolation he also had to witness the emergence of a potential new fast-bowling superstar. At 17 years old, Mohammad Aamer might be sticking around for a while. Which could spell the end for the old rogue and his international pretensions. 

And after the England summer squad announcements today Michael Vaughan might be in a position to lend an empathetic ear. He should take a trip to Rawalpindi and pay a visit to the bowler. He could hold that ice-pack in place while he’s out there.

Written by harrisharrison

June 22, 2009 at 7:54 pm

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