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I’m Vaughany All Night Long

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I didn’t want to let Michael Vaughan leave without saying goodbye so here is a valedictory post in honour of the man.

I’d like to remember Vaughan as a batsman fashioned from papier-mache pages of the MCC manual. And his nonchalant accumulation of fat hundreds in the early noughties. And the systematic swivel-pull twatting of McGrath and Gillespie on the Australian tour of 2002-03. And that cover drive.

And as an captain who got the best out of his players by being nice to them. And for lifting a replica of a tiny terracotta urn in 2005. I will even miss his endearingly shit fielding.

I don’t want to remember the later years. The cringey protestations that he was looking great in the nets. And the strokes, still classical in their concept, just half an inch down the wrong line. And I want to forget the knees of an overworked washerwoman, the knees that finally did for him.

Someone once told me that in his early career at Yorkshire Vaughan would regularly frequent Gatecrasher in Sheffield and large it all night to music of the house persuasion. It was an enchanting image. That among the sweaty writhing mass of gurning ravers there was Vaughan, full of poise and elegance. Unfurling textbook dance moves with exquistive timing and confident footwork. Equally as comfortable with quicker beats or tunes of a slower tempo.

Maybe now he has retired he could go back and relive the old days at Gatecrasher. I think it’s still going. I just hope that he doesn’t waste all his best moves practising in his bedroom.

Written by harrisharrison

June 30, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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  1. Thank you.


    July 8, 2009 at 12:16 am

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