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Cricket Is Actually Rubbish: Ashes Day Two

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I don’t think that anyone was quite sure who was winning after the first day of the first Ashes test match. Particularly the Metro, which confirmed its reputation for superb consistent reportage by proclaiming that the Australians had edged it on the front page, and stating the complete opposite on the back to say that England were just in front. I don’t think there’ll be any confusion tomorrow.

It all started so promisingly this morning. My work internet was restored to full health and I was merrily exploiting the fact that the Cricinfo live scorecard sort of looks a bit like a spreadsheet of sales figures. Except with a large blue banner that says Cricinfo. I was so exhilirated by the free scoring at one point I was printing random pages to the printer just to give me an excuse to get up and have a little private jig over on the other side of the office. And to pick up a blank piece of paper.

And I could hardly contain myself when I read that Graeme Swann had winked at an increasingly irate Mitchell Johnson. I found myself winking at my screen like a mentalist as if my computer itself had sledged me. Which is a mildly nightmarish thought: that you can happily be tapping away only for a pop-up message to appear saying that you’re shit at typing. You wanker.

My enthusiasm led me to The Cock & Lion on Wigmore St to get a quick schnifter of live action. Which is not ideal because a) it feels slightly wrong to go into a pub on your own and b) there’s nearly always some bellend in there loudly explaining that the way he’d deal with Andrew Flintoff would be to walk down the wicket and smack the ball over his head.

And having fallen slightly back in love with Flintoff, I bounced back to the office to pick up the thread of the internet coverage. Which is where it all started to go wrong. By the time tea was taken, I’d clicked the close button on my little blue oblong of cricket and was doing actual work.

And it all fell to pieces when I found out that my house purchase had fallen through a week before completion. Suddenly, not only was cricket rubbish, but it also didn’t matter.

But there is always tomorrow. There are homes to buy and Aussie wickets to take.


Written by harrisharrison

July 9, 2009 at 8:25 pm

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