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Flintoff: He Had A Good Innings

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When Andrew Flintoff announced his retirement from test cricket this morning I felt the same wave of relief as I did when my cat was put down after a long and complicated battle against feline thyroid cancer.

She had been in a long steady decline since the early 90s, back when she was in her prime and was regularly taking a five-fer of mice. Towards the end she was deaf and blind and incontinent and eventually we were glad to spare her the ongoing indiginity of walking into stuff and then shitting next to it.

Flintoff is the cricketing equivalent of a tiny infirm cat. His knees have taken an awful pounding over the years and I am slightly concerned they may disintegrate completely. And a man needs his knees. Otherwise he can’t bend. His decision to call it quits seems entirely sensible. And we shouldn’t feel too bad for him: he’s had a good innings. Or two.

He should consider himself fortunate that the stars of his fitness and powers aligned during the most iconic series in the game’s history. I can’t help hark back to 2005 for a bit of regressional therapy. It’s like a big squidgy womb of England being awesome. Flintoff being awesome.

The only thing that the cat could look forward to was a shoebox in a small hole next to the vegetable patch. Flintoff will be dreaming of carefree pedalo rides with a Pina Colada or eight, the fun and frolics of Twenty20 cricket and of course the lucre of the IPL.

I hope that the Ashes proves a swansong which befits the Flintoff of 2005.  That he toils away against the Australians with bat and ball until his legs drop off. Then I will miss him.


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July 15, 2009 at 10:12 pm

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