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Ravi Bopara is definitely a man who cares about how cool he appears. But he may as well take to the field in a black leather jacket and stonewashed denim because I think he is getting it wrong. I can understand that this affected aspect might be employed as a coping mechanism for the intensity of Ashes cricket. But he’s gone too far.

The only equivalent I can summon up from my personal archive is when you go drunkenly go home after a night out and your parents are still up watching Newsnight Review. The pains that you go to to emphasise your sobriety can lead to a strange robotic politeness and an uncharacteristic interest your parent’s affairs. And you end up looking more pissed than if you’d stripped naked and vomited on the front doormat.

And so Bopara appears the most perturbed of all England batsmen. And his technique seems languid and irregular. Maybe in fact he’s been playing too much of this addictive little game: the similarities between the tiny pixellated batsmen and England’s No.3 are striking. You can play it too now.



Written by harrisharrison

August 8, 2009 at 9:09 am

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