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The Bring Back Ramps Campaign Starts Here

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I couldn’t let the Langer dossier be thrown into the metaphorical trash can without a few comments, but to be honest there isn’t anything I can say that is more hilarious than what he wrote himself. I wonder when Andrew Strauss read it over his Coco Pops this morning he did a tiny surreptitious fist pump under the table and whispered to himself: “yes, JL thinks I’m an excellent bloke”.

I’m not sure what effect that the dossier will have on England morale. They may not have even read it, they are quite flat and lazy after all. Judging on a improved if pointless performance this morning it could have had a galvanising effect on the team. Fuck knows they need it after this shambles.

Talk of a reshuffle in the middle order has led to increasingly wild speculation that England may look up some old employees to help them in their five (or two and half) days of need: Robert Key, Marcus Trescothick and Mark Ramprakash. It would be the selectorial equivalent of Roger Federer dusting off the old wooden racket he used to play with as a kid. But stranger things have happened. And more importantly, stranger things have worked.


Written by harrisharrison

August 9, 2009 at 6:37 pm

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