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England’s Next Top No.3

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If yesterday had been an X Factor audition for England’s no.3 batsman at the Oval then Simon Cowell would have hitched up his trousers and flounced out of the studio some time after tea. At this rate no-one will step up to the task. Which presents an interesting tactical twist for the selectors to consider:

They don’t have to pick a no.3 at all. Imagine the Australian discombobulation when Strauss or Cook falls and Paul Collingwood comes charging out to bat at no.4. This also gives the management licence further down the order and introduce a no.12 for some clownish biffage late on in the innings to raise the spirits and annoy the oppostion to an extent that a no.3 could never achieve (no.12 is Monty Panesar’s favourite position and where he scored most first-class runs). The added advantage being that two spinners can now be chosen without any fear of further selectorial migraines, and bowl England to the victory they crave.



Written by harrisharrison

August 13, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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