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The fun doesn’t stop here for Andrew Strauss and England. Next it’s a tour of South Africa and a five-test series via er South Africa for the Champions Trophy. Which is great for about half the team because it won’t be a tour at all. It will just be going home.

I won’t begin to guess who is going to win. England beat Australia. Australia beat South Africa. So England will beat South Africa. Or not. I don’t know. My gut tells me South Africa. But my gut told me that Australia were going to win this series. My gut doesn’t know that much about cricket. My gut doesn’t know much about anything. If you asked my gut how to get to the post office it would give you directions to the fishmongers.

Guts are good at digesting food and absorbing nutrients. They are not good at predicting what is going to happen on cricket tours.

I’ve asked my brain what is going to happen in South Africa. Unfortunately it couldn’t tell me. I don’t know anything anymore.


Written by harrisharrison

August 24, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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