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I’ll Have A Twenty20 And An Onion Bhaji Please

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I remember the last time England played Australia in a Twenty20 game in this country. I was in Spain and had just come back from the pool to settle down with frankfurters and Mini-milks in front of the cricket. And we thumped them. It was one of the great days of my life.

The game had a relevance that today’s fixture does not share. Four years ago it was an early jab landed on the Australian jaw before the real fighting began in the test series. But this time the Ashes is over.

It sort of feels like we’ve eaten our king prawn dupiaza and pilau rice and now the waiter has brought over the poppadums. I’m a great fan of poppadums, particularly with a dollop of mango chutney. But it’s the last thing you want when you are slumped back in your chair with sag aloo repeating on you.

Having said all this, I’ve watched four overs of the game so far and I’ve already been entertained. Mainly by an instrumental version of Live And Let Die coming out over the PA system. So we’ll come to some sort of compromise: these two Twenty20 matches are the hot towel and After Eight of the Ashes summer.


Written by harrisharrison

August 30, 2009 at 1:50 pm

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