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I really don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow at Centurion. I know about Australia. I just don’t know about England any more. I thought I did back in September and was able to write snurdy little posts about it. But know all I now is that Stuart Broad’s bum hurts and that Ryan Sidebottom is looking increasingly like the third Hairy Biker.

Owais Shah seems to personify England at the moment. Fragile in confidence, jittery at the crease, rubbish in the field, but capable lately of confounding us all with the odd moment of virtuosity. It’s all a bit strange.

Talking of wierd, the Dunhill Links Championship is started up in Fife today. It’s a pro-celebrity tournament, but you won’t spot any Tarbies or Wogans on the fairways. Think more randomly. Like Marco Van Basten. Or Kelly Slater. Or Greg Kinnear. And Huey Lewis. He’s from Huey Lewis and the News. I don’t know if one of his New has flown across to cheer him on.

My favourite partnership is most certainly that of Colin Montgomerie and Tim Henman, two sporting nearly men who have made a career of blowing it. Jimmy White is caddying apparently. 

They’re not going to win. That much I do know.


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  1. How can you report the goings on in the Dunhill Links Championship without mentioning the astonishing and inspirational unidexter Manuel De Los Santos from the Dominican Republic. Peter Cook would have loved him.


    October 3, 2009 at 11:18 am

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