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So the day that the creators of ukrainevengland.com have been waiting for has arrived. I like to think that some plucky entrepeneur snapped up the url years ago in the dim hope that the footballing stars would align to throw forth not only this fixture but also circumstances in all our domestic televison broadcasters snubbed it like the last saliva-imbued sip of a Coke can.

Naturally it seems strange that a competitive England international should not be transmitted live onto our screens, but we should remember that originally the game was to be shown on the recently deceased Setanta. Which most people didn’t subscribe to anyway. And those who did were left with the same nauseous feeling of having digested something really rubbish that people do when they leave Subway.

One potentially interesting facet of today’s online coverage is the recruitment of Sven-Goran Eriksson as a studio guest. On the face of it, a man who liked to take five minutes to say ‘well’ during his press conferences as England manager may not be best suited to the world of punditry, but sometimes commentators can transcend the reputations of their previous careers. Think Geoffrey Boycott. Or Alan Hansen.

Maybe it’s worth the cash after all.


Written by harrisharrison

October 10, 2009 at 9:08 am

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