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I did think that the management’s decision to ban the England Twitter Three from tweeting was a touch draconian when I heard the rumour. If the trio of Graeme Swann, Jimmy Anderson and Tim Bresnan protested, then maybe Andy Flower offered that old primary school rebuttal of ‘don’t blame me, blame Timmy – he’s spoilt it for everyone’.

Bresnan’s foul-mouthed tirade – or ‘twtirade’ – was launched against a fellow tweeter who’d trespassed on some general banter on the subject of Bresnan’s weight. Not only was it unnecessarily aggressive but also poorly-timed, coming as it did the day before England were handed a lesson in cricket by Australia, although in fairness to Bresnan he was able to release some of his virtual frustations with an actual bat.

I was vaguely astonished that Bresnan is larking about on Twitter at all. If ever an evil despot plotted to create a master race of burly Yorkshiremen then Bresnan would be on the recruitment poster. You’d think he’d sooner be outside shoving sheep down a dale then feverishly tweeting away, bashing at the keyboard with the flats of his gigantic Yorkshire hands. 

He needn’t fret too much about the impending twsanctions, it appears that the rumour is exactly that. I found it out on Twitter.


Written by harrisharrison

October 14, 2009 at 6:56 pm

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