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When did Britain get so good at gymnastics? I remember a time when the sport was dominated by tiny Chinese acrobats on the run from the circus and suspicious girlbots from Eastern Europe.

Us plucky Brits would show up, maybe unfurl a textbook roly-poly and then finish off their routine by standing up nice and straight with arms in the air. For some reason it is very important in gymnastics to end up looking like you’re doing a ‘Y’ in an enthusiastically rigid YMCA dance. We were very good at that. But we never won anything. Except maybe an appearance on Blue Peter and all the kudos attached to it.

But now we’re amazing. I don’t really know why. Maybe they’re putting pommel horses alongside the swings in playgrounds these days. I have no idea. I don’t tend to hang around playgrounds much nowadays. Beth Tweddle looks young enough to still have a jolly good time on a swing. Apparently she might retire before the 2012 Olympics. She wants to spend more time with her My Little Pony.


Written by harrisharrison

October 19, 2009 at 6:26 pm

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