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It’s probably quite tricky selecting an England touring party. So many different situations to prepare for and only so many available seats on the tour bus. I haven’t actually done the job myself but I imagine that it’s very similar to packing shoes for your holiday.

You want to get a few rounds of golf in so you pack your spikes. And you’ll need your flip-flops for cocking around on the beach. And flippers for a spot of snorkelling. Before you know it there’s no room for any other form of footwear. 

Which presents a problem when on your first night and you receive a surprise invitation to the captain’s table for dinner (yes – this is a cruise liner that has its own golf course) and you’ve only got your grubby old trainers that you wore on the plane.

And that’s kind of the issue that has faced Andy Flower during these Twenty20 fixtures: they don’t have the requisite personnel. Hell they hardly have enough batsman. Hence Aliastair Cook has been drafted into service, even though there’s no requirement for a batsman to nurdle and shovel his way round for the entirety of the innings. Just twatting it is good.

And today they made him skipper. Which is kind of the equivalent of pitching up to the captain’s supper in flippers. Wearing your golf shoes on your hands. Provided that you’ve packed them of course.


Written by harrisharrison

November 15, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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