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One of the great unfathomable mysteries of life is the ongoing appeal of Ian Wright. Having scratched his name from the pundit rota at the BBC Sports department, he has now bobbed back up again alongside Steve Rider over at ITV. Presumably this reinstatement hasn’t come as a result of Wright’s recent work on Five’s Live From Studio Five, a minute’s viewing of which compelled me to throw my TV set onto the street cursing the death of television.

Wright’s unique selling point at the Beeb was a kind of call-a-spade-a-spade everyman-down-the-pub cheerleading during England games. But all of us, including Wright probably, realised quickly that a) calling a spade a spade isn’t entertaining or clever, it’s just stating the bleedin’ obvious b) blokes talking to you unsolicited about football in a pub are generally quite tiresome c) invariably you’re watching England matches in pubs anyway, and it’s a venue where blokes tend to congregate to talk about football, so Wright was stepping into a vacancy already filled by a thousand boring inarticulate idiots.

Admittedly not many of your average punters can point to an adoptive son in the line-up but this is irritating in itself. Wright is annoyingly, if understandably, pre-occupied with his little Shaun.

Wright quit the BBC citing the fact that he was fed up with playing the ‘court jester’ role, sort of light relief to the dour Alan Hansen. It seems that to compensate for this over on ITV, Wright is now overtly pessimistic about England, with nothing constructive to say about our failings against Brazil, just repeating that it was ‘shit’. Okay he didn’t say that, but if he had done it would have been more eloquent.


Written by harrisharrison

November 19, 2009 at 9:02 pm

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