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The sight of David Beckham slurping down on his inhaler during the MLS Cup Final has been heralded as an inspiration to puny-lunged asthmatics the world over. But speaking weezily as a sufferer myself, it could also serve to undermine some of the advantages that we cling to whilst growing up.

I employed my inhalers to ward off the more Spartan rugger masters at school in the same manner a Transylvanian peasant might brandish a few cloves of garlic to avoid the undue attention of a vampire. A few staccato breaths on a wintry afternoon might provoke an invitation from the games teacher in search of the medicinal qualities of some high quality Ventolin, Salbutamol or Becotide, whatever your poison was. And thus the unpleasantness of a frosty ruck was neatly side-stepped.

And if you think all this prevarication is a bit lily-livered then let me reveal to you some of the realities of being an asthmatic. I had two different inhalers. One I took before any physical exertion. The other I puffed on twice a day, after which I had to make sure I followed up it with a healthy glug of mouthwash. Otherwise I would get thrush. In my mouth. It was only until I reach my teens that I discovered the stigma attached to this particular infection. And growing what is commonly known as a vaginal fungus inside your mouth doesn’t do anything for a young boy’s street cred.

I didn’t actually see Beckham lunge for the Listerine after his inhalation. Just makes you think.


Written by harrisharrison

November 26, 2009 at 9:09 pm

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