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FIFA president Sepp Blatter has rejected Ireland’s bid to be entered into next summer’s World Cup in South Africa but has sanctioned an FAI request to create a special tournament next summer for all those nations that were victim to injustices during the course of the qualifying campaign. The entry field will consist of Ireland and Costa Rica. It is believed that the Irish have agreed to host this footballing extravaganza. The draw will run concurrently with the main draw on Friday, and will be held in the conference suite of a small hotel on the outskirts of Dublin. Proceedings are not expected to last as long as those in Cape Town and will presiding over by a glittering array of luminaries including Jimmy Cricket, Gloria Hunniford and the twins from B*witched.

There will be two pots containing one ball each. The first pot will contain all European qualifiers. The team drawn from this pot will be entered to Group A. The second pot will hold all qualifiers from the CONCACAF region. The side drawn from this pot will also be entered into Group A. Ireland and Costa Rica have both been seeded in the draw. The winners and runners-up of Group A will advance to the knockout stages of the tournament. The entire competition is scheduled to last for four days.

Questions have already been raised as to Ireland’s ability to hold a major sporting event at relatively short notice, particularly considering the anticipated influx of Costa Rican fans into the country.


Written by harrisharrison

December 1, 2009 at 9:43 pm

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