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The X Factor Personality Of The Year

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There was definitely an air of desolation about the BBC Sports Personality this year, held in the knowledge that the huge majority of the viewing populace was next door watching the X Factor. Even the desperate flailing attempts of the producers to attract more numbers from the pop side by putting on a show that looked more like Take That at the O2 seemed in vain.

Years ago the ceremony resided at the cosy but inferior conferencing facilities of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre where they crammed in the sporting glitterati to such an extent that Lennox Lewis would be forced to sit on Willie Carson’s lap. But it’s a guest booker’s nightmare when the operation moves the 12,500 capacity Sheffield Arena. Hence I spotted amongst the ranks the likes of Brian Deane and Devon Malcolm and Kriss Akabusi and myriad other unknowns who aren’t fans of the X Factor. They’ve even created an award for unsung heroes just to boost the invitee list with lollipop-lady types who probably think that Simon Cowell is an abomination.

I suggest that next year the Beeb would do well to head south to the comfortable surroundings of Parliament Square and return to the low-key old school format complete with the hilarious informal intermission bit where Frank Bruno played tiddlywinks against Desert Orchid and stuff like that. However much you blur your eyes Sue Barker is not Cheryl Cole and SPOTY is not the X Factor. Create a point of difference because at the minute nothing very interesting is happening until in the end Joe McEldery wins.


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