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I am watching a lot of ESPN Sports Classic today. I have the week off and I am trying any tactic to avoid Loose Women. They’re showing one of those Masters Movies that look more like a promotional video for a New England retirement home. It’s the 2001 edition when Tiger Woods completed his Tiger Slam. I missed it at the time because I was holiday in New York probably getting served pancakes by one of his many female acquaintances.

Needing a par down the last to regain the Green Jacket, he clumped a drive down the centre, knocked a short-iron to 20 feet and rolled in the putt for a birdie. Easy. Tiger Woods really is very good at golf. We should remember that. And people complain that he doesn’t engage with his fans enough, but he does. He’s just quite selective on which fans he engages with, and slightly overenthusiastic when he does so. I wonder how many of his indiscretions began with an innocent request to autograph a visor.

It’s amazing how much seismic activity one peripatetic penis can cause in the fault lines of an entire global sport. An entire library of articles has been written on how golf is going to survive without the fierce media glare that is normally concentrated onto Tiger. But what is Tiger himself going to? Most sportsmen retire to play more golf.

Perhaps we shouldn’t dwell on it too much.


Written by harrisharrison

December 14, 2009 at 2:58 pm

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