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We are all now tediously aware that the reason that the third umpire has no access to Hot Spot and Snickometer technology during this series is simply because the South African Broadcasting Corporation cannot afford it.

I can sort of understand how the HotSpot hardware might be deemed too dear – it shows lots of pretty colours and could have an alternative use as an icebreaker at parties. “Ooh look how warm that person’s ear is” – hours of fun.

But Snicko seems a little more basic. It’s just a microphone attached to your everyday oscilloscope after all. I could lend them the microphone from my sister’s home karaoke set. And I’m sure we’ve all got an oscilloscope lying around the garage somewhere.

If not, I’ve sourced a very snazzy-looking one here. It’s got a built-in harmonic analyser and 12-bit resolution and user configurable engineering units. By a happy chance my Grandma gave me some oscilloscope tokens for my birthday and I’ve got a bit of Christmas money left over so I can start the financial ball rolling. I’m positive if we all reach into our pockets we can raise the cash pronto. It’ll be like a Blue Peter Appeal.

All we have to worry about is whether Daryl Harper has turned up the contrast on it or not. Sorry. Too easy.


Written by harrisharrison

January 15, 2010 at 6:04 pm

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