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The Clarke Ascending

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I saw a lot of Giles Clarke while I was in Cape Town. He isn’t difficult to miss: large, floppy-haired and forever tailed by David Collier, wheezing away like a consumptive bulldog. It appears that Clarke was making himself known at the Wanderers as well, righteously and indignantly ploughing into the row about the review system caused by Graeme Smith’s reprieve in the first innings. I sometimes wonder whether this is the very reason Clarke is employed by the ECB: to become aerated about stuff. His face seems designed to blither, as if a loud sonorous ‘bah’ is permanently wedged behind his teeth, ready to be discharged when necessary.

He explains the ECB attitude towards the reviews and their stance against at the ICC vote with the sombre pride of a man who’s just abolished slavery. He probably secretly enjoyed the continued inadequacies of umpire Harper, creating shells for his massive Luddite blunderbuss. But that’s the point really: the problems that were experienced in Johannesburg were not as a result of gremlins in the machine, just one incompetent Australian human. The fact the more correct decisions have been made in series than wrong ones seems to have been lost sight of not only by Clarke, but by Andy Flower and Andrew Strauss. Which is sort of disappointing. You expect this kind of cataract-impaired vision from an administrator, but not a usually equable coach and captain. They should understand that they would have lost the series without a second opinion upstairs: they can’t have forgotten Paul Collingwood’s first baller in the second innings at Newlands already surely?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too harsh on Strauss. He is jaded after all. He probably doesn’t like anything about cricket right now. Perhaps Clarke should think about putting his feet up with him. Just don’t watch any Terminator films chaps.


Written by harrisharrison

January 18, 2010 at 9:49 pm

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