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Biting The Bullet

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I wonder what Wayne Bridge is going to do this summer. I picture him staging a forlorn vigil on a swing in a playground in some Moss Side wasteland, lips stained blue from yet another Panda Pops binge. Before he disconsolately kicks an empty can of Tango home where his mum can stroke his face and make him fish fingers to slump in front of the telly with. And watch anything but the football. American Idol. What Katy Did Next. Total Wipeout. Anything. Anything to take away the bitter taste of regret from his mouth. The Alphabites aren’t working.

There is still time to change his course. Perhaps Bridge should cast his thoughts across the Atlantic to South America. Where a Paraguayan striker is bidding for World Cup participation with something more tangible in his head than the image of John Terry’s naked pounding backside.

Salvador Cabanas has given grave new meaning to the old footballing simile ‘he’s gone down like he’s been shot’. He didn’t dive in the box. He was shot. In a bar in Mexico last month. And the bullet still festers inside his skull.

Cabanas still clings to the ambition that he can take part this summer. It seems that maybe he is clutching at the straw that he still has to drink out of.  You cannot blame him for protecting his dream, however fleeting. Cabanas was his country’s leading scorer in the qualifying tournament for this summer and was a certainty for the squad.

There’s no need to wince if he does make the unlikely trip to South Africa and flies up for his first aerial challenge. Apparently the bullet is not going to move anywhere. A bit like Wayne Bridge.


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  1. Poor bloke.

    As for Wayne Bridge, i’ve sent him a letter so hopefully he’ll be bucking up his ideas soon.


    March 2, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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