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The Square Leg of the Hypotenuse

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I like to think of batting like a very simple mathmetical formula:

Bat speed x timing = trajectory + distance

But with Eoin Morgan there is something wrong with this equation. It’s why when he hits it the confused cameraman will often pan into square leg when the ball is actually making a crater on the burger van.

So the Eoin formula should read:

Bat speed x timing + x = trajectory + distance

Don’t ask me what x is. It might be something to do with his wrists. It might be some kind of magic. I just don’t know. I’m rubbish at batting. And maths. I once had a teacher write this at the bottom of a maths test I did:

There are a lot of good answers here Nick. Unfortunately they’re all wrong.


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March 5, 2010 at 5:47 pm

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