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Harris Sportsthoughts Moment of Slight Tedium

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Each IPL game this season has been sold as 2500 seconds of advertising opportunity. Every last drop has been awkwardly squeezed out in the name of selling us stuff.

Hence a six becomes a DLF maximum. DLF is an Indian real estate developer. Such is the promotional bombardment that they have engineered during the tournament that the next time I am in possession of small bit of land in Kerala or Goa or somewhere that I wish to develop then I will undoubtedly be knocking at their door.

It’s all very tedious. Obviously. Even the scruffy dogs that regularly trot onto the outfield have the Pepsi logo singed into their matted fur. But we should remember that, once we strip back the grotesque layers and layers of extraneous corporate messages and announcements, there is some cricket. Some of it’s quite good, as David Hussey helpfully reminded us yesterday, with this little snippet of quick-witted athleticism. It’s a terrific catch. Sorry it’s a terrific Karbonn Kamaal catch:


Written by harrisharrison

March 30, 2010 at 8:38 pm

Posted in Cricket

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