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When Maths Go Bad

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I think Paul Collingwood had a point last night in crying mathematical rape, having just been shafted by Duckworth while Lewis watched. But now Frank Duckworth wants his tell his side of the story. There are several noteworthy things about this:

1. Firstly Duckworth and Lewis look quite nice. And not the evil geniuses that I thought they were. I’m sure I once saw Duckworth talking enthusiatically about Norman churches on Open University during one of my bouts of insomnia. Lewis looks like a kindly deputy headmaster.

2. Tony Lewis is not the Tony Lewis that used to present BBC cricket. You know, the jolly slightly bumbling one with a ruddy face and a funny Welsh way of saying words like ‘sitooation’ and ‘ackurate’. It’s not him. I don’t think he’s got the requisite mental faculties. I once saw Tony Lewis naked in a changing room at a golf club near Swansea. The BBC one, not the maths one. I wouldn’t have known what the maths Tony Lewis looked like, clothes or otherwise.

3. Frank Duckworth (‘Vera’ to his mates) has the gulpy indignant tone of man who writes a lot of letters to his council and says ‘it beggars belief’ every time he opens his mouth.

4. Rain is nice.


Written by harrisharrison

May 4, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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