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In my ill-judged preview to the ICC World Twenty20 tournament I predicted that England would perform well before imploding somehow in the latter stages. I was wrong. The opposite transpired. England nearly bowed out at hands of two mathematicians and a plucky troupe of Irishmen, before forging on and playing well. Really well.

I still can’t properly credit the miraculous sea-change in England’s limited over cricket since the end of last summer. It’s as if they’ve been replaced by eerily efficient versions of themselves, polished Stepford cricketers.

And now I’m lost. I spent long periods of last year laying lustily into England’s one-day side on the pages of this blog. We used to say at school that it was much easier to write a critical book review for your English homework than a good one. That ethos seems to have leaked into my writing. I’ve got nothing. It’s difficult to sneer at excellence.

So I’m left with the scraps of banal observational musings. Like the fact that the Craig Kieswetter sounds like Prince William doing an impression of Gary Player. Or that there is little more entertaining in life than slow-motion footage of a group of very happy adult men jumping up and down.

All I can say is well done England. And I saw Abdul Razzaq outside my office this afternoon. This really is a strange new dawn.


Written by harrisharrison

May 17, 2010 at 6:40 pm

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