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England Are The Winners

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I’ve been looking at this photo a lot and it’s helping me come to terms with the fact that England’s cricketers are the best at something. I’m still finding it difficult to digest the fact that we are the champions of everybody else who plays cricket. I keep belching it up and having to wash it back down with a swig of Pepto-Bismol. But unlike heartburn, I’m going to enjoy this moment.

I’m also going to salute all those brave men whose international careers died on the fields of rubbish limited overs cricket. Your plucky Texaco Trophy triumphs, or creditable third places in overseas triangular tournaments, or inevitable early exits from sub-continental World Cups, they led to this victory.

So here’s to you Vince Wells and Darren Maddy. Ali Brown, Vikram Solanki, Ian Austin, Neil Smith give yourselves a pat on the back.Well done Jim Troughton and Mark Alleyne. Chris Schofield, Peter Martin, Ed Joyce stand up and take a bow. Good show Graham Lloyd and Matthew Maynard.

And special mention to Rob Key and Mark Ramprakash, two behemoths of the age of international underachievement, who have ushered out the old era by twatting first-class double-centuries this week. I love you guys.


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