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Misguided World Cup Previews: Group D

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Hating the Germans went out of fashion in 1996 along with Alcopops and outsized lumberjack shirts. Since Andreas Moller strutted off down towards the Wembley dog track having knocked England out of their own tournament, it’s been a steady descent downwards to a weird reality where they can now be considered mildly affable. Cuddly even. Worth watching for Joachim Loew, who has the most suspiciously black hair of all the coaches in the competition.

Hating the Australians went out of fashion in 2005 with asymmetrical hair and plastic charity wristbands. When they play the Germans on Sunday I hope they both win. Could potentially face England in the second round. Last time they played was in 2003, when a pair of  hot new English talents made their debuts. One was Wayne Rooney. He now has 60 caps and 25 goals. The other was Franny Jeffers, the ‘Fox in the Box’. That was his only cap. He is currently without a club and was last seen breaking into east London homes and biting babies.

Serbia lost every game that they played in during the last World Cup. They will cling to the fact that it was actually a Serbia and Montenegro side that was sent to those finals, and it was the Montenegrins that were holding them back. Just look at the Montenegrin record in the qualifying tournament. It’s rubbish. Now that the Serbians are free of the Montenegrin shackles anything is possible.

There’s a poll on the Ghanian Football Association website to find out which will be the last African team to exit the World Cup. Ghana win with 76% of the vote. Wow. They must good if 76% of people think they will be the most successful African nation. I thought it would be the Ivory Coast but I was obviously wrong. Get your money on Ghana now.


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June 7, 2010 at 8:17 pm

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