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Misguided World Cup Previews: Group H

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Spain’s consistent underachievement was once the source of consolation. Dismissing their ambitions was as an integral a part of the build-up as foot injuries and Panini. Since they conquered Europe in 2008, they’ve disassembled the world order to such an extent that the traditional bulwarks such as Italy and Germany are now considered dark horses. Dark horses is an odd turn of phrase. Why is it so unlikely that a darker horse should win? I bet if you analysed the colours of all the winners of the Grand National there’d prove to be more dark winners than light ones.

The incentive for any of the Honduran squad to perform well is almost certainly a move to Wigan, unless they’ve already been there. The squad has been shorn of the striking talents of Carlos Costly, who presumably is an over-priced associate of Carlos Kickaball. Have appeared in the finals once before, in 1982 when they held the hosts Spain to a draw. But that was in the good old days when the Spanish were still rubbish. Don’t bet on a repeat.

Switzerland left the World Cup in 2006 without letting in a goal. After a goalless draw against Ukraine in the second round, they were beaten in a penalty shoot-out. They weren’t able to convert any of those penalties. One of the four goals scored by the Swiss in the tournament was by Philippe Senderos who broke his nose and strained his shoulder in the process. He missed the rest of the tournament. Switzerland and goals don’t mix.

Chile probably have the best anthem of all the competing nations. It least when it is belted out by Ivan Zamorano, puffing his chest so far it nearly falls off. Zamorano has long since retired of course, so the Chileans will hope one of the new breed can step to replace his potent baritone. If not, then just play this instead:


Written by harrisharrison

June 10, 2010 at 7:53 pm

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