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Something must have been lost in translation when Franz Beckenbauer labelled England as ‘stupid’ for not topping their group. It’s seems oddly infantile coming from one so urbane, as if after he’d said it he poked his tongue into his chin and slapped it. You half expect Fabio Capello to respond in kind, ‘well you’re stupider’.

The tiresome aspect of Beckenbauer’s outburst is not that he said it, but the inevitable cliched reaction that has followed: “that’s Capello’s team-talk written for him”, “he should just read out his quotes before the game”, “stick a photo of the smug German bastard on the dressing-room wall”. If I had a pound for every time I’d heard one of those this week, I’d have about £14.

Heaven forbid that Capello takes any of this advice. You can imagine the players gathered round waiting to be showered in tactical nuggets from their coach and instead have Capello hand out photocopies of the offending article in Bild.

“But what about Ozil? Do you want us to man-mark him?” Capello just points knowingly to a picture of Der Kaiser.

“Are we going for the diamond or four across the midfield again?” Er Beckenbauer. “How far do you want the full-backs to press up the pitch?” Beckenbauer. “But….” Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer.



Written by harrisharrison

June 27, 2010 at 10:14 am

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