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There’s Always A Butt

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I suppose it was inevitable that there would be some form of counterclaim from a man named Butt. What wasn’t expected was that it came from the same school as the “liar, liar, pants on fire” defence and the “eeny meeny miny moe” electoral system. If a defamation case can be thrown out on the grounds of being juvenile then the England lawyers can put away their notebooks now.

I can be accused of being high-handedly English in assuming that our chaps could never be involved in such skulduggery, but the fact that Ijaz Butt has sought to distance himself from the allegations by attributing them to something called the bookie’s circle suggests that his heart isn’t really in it. I’ve not heard of the bookie’s circle. Presumably it’s like magic circle except that its members wear flat caps and sheepskin coats. But like their conjuring associates, perhaps the bookies circle is not apt to disclose their secrets.


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