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Colin Montgomerie’s Face

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Colin Montgomerie is a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a sturdy Gore-tex windcheater. For the large part of his career he has been perceived as just a big angry pair of tits who is a bit good at golf. The butt of a thousand ribald jokes on They Think It’s All Over. The Pringle-clad personification of a harrumph. A man who has systematically ticked off the major section of the golfing fraternity including future members of his European team, vice-captains and fans.

But now everybody loves Colin. Even before the Europeans won. Maybe we appreciated his serious-minded approach. Perhaps it’s the likeness to a haughty cartoon owl with dentures. Or the confounding array of pensive facial expressions. If they ever make a Montgomerie biopic, which they surely will now, then the Creature Comforts artists should be called for. Plasticene is the only substance known to man that could do justice to the extraordinary malleability of the Monty visage. Here’s to you and your face Colin.





Written by harrisharrison

October 15, 2010 at 8:36 pm

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  1. He is some sight isn’t he. Great point about the Creature Comforts artists, those teeth and gums must be a creative artists dream come true.

    In fairness to Monty, I’m glad for him winning the Ryder Cup, it was the major he never won.

    He does make me cringe sometimes though, like the time he told the cameraman ‘just remember, you’re only ther because of me’, but on the whole I think Monty is a good stick.

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