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Pigeons Do The Funniest Things

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Glenn McGrath has become a novelty act. He’s like an enthusiastic dog or parrot fetched onto a talent show stage and asked to bark or squawk answers to mathematical challenges. There are no cerebral processes involved, just an instinctive desire to please their audience. The hypothetical charm of the act lies in that invariably the animal bleats the wrong amount, and we all laugh at the poor dumb beast.

But sometimes its owner will ask the dog/parrot/Glenn what 1 + 1 is and it will reply with two noises. Like McGrath in late 2006, when he correctly predicted that Australia would whitewash England in the Ashes series. He’s like a stopped clock. A big silly pigeon-toed stopped clock. It tells the right time twice a day.

Twice. Yikes.




Written by harrisharrison

November 6, 2010 at 10:56 am

One Response

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  1. Without seeing the interview, I sometimes wonder if McGrath’s comments are a bit tongue in cheek. Although even if they are, he knows that they will make headlines in UK and wind people up.

    For me, they are to be taken as a bit of fun. As a pom I don’t mind it and find it all funny. The prospect of seeing Pigeon being hounded for an explanation by our press after an Ashes defeat is one I keenly look forward too.

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