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County Cricket Is Back Again

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County cricket is back on Friday. Sky Sports News marked the onset of the new season by broadcasting a depressing report about the moribund state of the domestic game last night. It appears that its increasingly arcane framework is failing to support the counties.

If you were uneducated in the recent geopolitical nature of the United Kingdom you could watch the item and be forgiven for thinking that the country had undergone some hyperintensive devolution, and each county had become an autonomous state, ferociously protective of its independence.

‘We rather stick pins in our eyes” said the chief executive of Derbyshire when the possibility of merging with Yorkshire was proposed to him, displaying the typically progressive attitude that ensured years of onfield success and rude economic health for his county. It used be one man and his dog that would turn up at Derby, but now the dog doesn’t even bother. Soon they won’t be able afford pins. Or eyes.

Dominic Cork scoffed at the suggestion of Gloucestershire and Somerset forming some alliance and the respective supporters visiting each other’s grounds, as if Bristol and Taunton were two far-flung outposts divided by some war-ravaged wasteland. Cork has always been the voice of reason.

The article emphasized that many of the problems facing the game are caused by the disparity in what each county wants for the future. But surely they all want one thing. The survival of cricket. In any form.





Written by harrisharrison

April 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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