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You Vs. McIlroy

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I don’t like adverts much. In fact I’m known for it. Nick ‘the Ad-Hater’ Harrison they call me. I’ve developed a faculty for being able to turn over to another channel while the commercial break is on and switching back at the very point the programme kicks back in. I think I have a special cortex in my brain that has evolved especially for this function. It would be a neat party piece except that it is probably socially unacceptable to switch on Hollyoaks while attending someone else’s bash. I’m also quite handy at fast-forwarding through the ad breaks on pre-recorded programmes. The trick is to press ‘play’ when the trailer for a forthcoming show pops up at the end.

But turn an advert into a game and I am interested. Or as an advertising executive would say “engaged”. Oakley have developed such an interactive gameYou Vs McIlroy – starring Rory McIlroy, or “Wee-Mac” as I like to call him, or “the Strop with a Mop” as Chubby Chandler might. It pitches you onto the West Course at Wentworth in a virtual duel against young Rory, including the choice of Fast Jacket eyewear and Oakley golf apparel. It asks for your Facebook details, and then creates a dizzying personalised experience, filmed in the first person so it’s like you are starring in your own episode of Peep Show. A slightly less funny episode about golf. You can access the game in two ways – firstly at http://youvs.oakley.com and, secondly, by liking the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/oakleyeurope. It also somehow takes your profile picture and creates something that looks like a Top Trump card. I’m pretty sure I saw a segment about bespoke Top Trump technology on Tomorrow’s World about 20 years ago so this is quite exciting.

Anyway there is a point to the game. Beat McIlroy in a virtual matchplay game around Wentworth and you have the chance to caddy for the man himself. In the real world with a real bag (so maybe ask for a trolley). This would obviously be brilliant. You might become friends or something.

For more info on Oakley and its products, visit http://www.oakley.com

That isn't a bespoke Top Trump card you're holding, is it?

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Written by harrisharrison

November 4, 2011 at 5:32 pm

Posted in Golf

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