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I’m back after an involuntary hiatus. And after protracted machinations it’s been decided that from today I will start charging to access Harris Sportsthoughts. You can pay 1p for a daily subscription. The price of the weekly subscription has still to be negotiated but it could be anything up to 2p. That would constitute a saving of around 1p based on average output of three posts a week. It’s a crucial step in making the business of talking shit about sport an economically exciting proposition.

The blog is available for a free trial period. The length of this period is one day, during which one post will be published. This period starts today. You are reading the free post now.

I expect around a 99.5% fallout in readership following this announcement but I would add that the price of a daily subscription would be roughly equal in value to one fizzy cola bottle or a tenth of a Chomp.


Written by harrisharrison

March 27, 2010 at 10:44 am

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