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Selling Cricket to America

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Just before Christmas I was approached by US sports network ESPN to provide them some copy for some adverts promoting their coverage of the Cricket World Cup. Yes, I know, I was surprised as you are now. But delighted also.

I took this very seriously. A bit like a method actor I got into the character of an American ad man – I smoked like a chimney, developed a chronic alcohol dependency and repeatedly cheated on my wife. It’s alright, she doesn’t read this.

In actuality I was brought in as a genuine cricket geek (remarkably it seems that news of my status as a sport saddo has travelled across the Atlantic) to ensure that any copy would seem authentic to the surprisingly large community of cricket loons Stateside. I supplied them with such gems as “delivery” and “toss”. This ad forms part of the result of our collaboration:

In my head this campaign is the flint that creates the spark that lights the fire of cricket in America. My head is a strange place.

In my head the ESPN coverage of the World Cup reaches non-cricket fans and something clicks. Before long games of street cricket will be played from the projects of New York through to huge collegiate matches in front of fanatical support. In the future when Americans think of the Super Bowl they won’t think of football, they’ll think of a really good delivery. And when they talk of the death of baseball, they’ll all agree that the beginning of the end was the 2015 Cricket World Cup and the ESPN coverage and ultimately my “toss”.

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February 7, 2015 at 2:28 pm

Something Else

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So I wrote an actual article for a website. It’s got paragraphs and everything. Some of you may recognise it from a post I wrote a few weeks ago, but I put some more words at the end because I was told that real articles are a bit longer than posts.

The other difference is that some people appear to have read it.

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May 23, 2011 at 8:56 pm

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